Club Pilot (CP) is the BHPA level of competence required to fly without direct instruction, within a club environment. By the end of the CPC, you will be able to:

  • Ground handle - inflate and control your paraglider on the ground in the full range of flyable wind conditions
  • Take-off and land in the full range of flyable wind conditions, from light to moderately strong winds
  • Use your canopy's full range of airspeed appropriately
  • Make 180 degree turns
  • Carry out hill-side and top landings
  • Fly safely with other pilots
  • Demonstrate understanding of the concept of "active flying"
  • Deal with small asymmetric tucks and carry out the "big ears" rapid descent technique
  • Pass the CP theory exam.

You will also have at least 30 minutes of soaring flights and will have gained further theoretical knowledge of Meteorology, Principles of Flight, Air Law and General Airmanship. Most importantly, you will have shown your instructors that that you have a sufficiently responsible attitude to paragliding to leave the school environment without posing an unacceptable risk to yourself or others.

Once you are CP qualified, you can join a local BHPA club (or clubs) and fly on their sites. Clubs cannot train you any further but the BHPA club coaching system has been devised to help you progress.

At Cloudbase we understand that leaving the school environment and breaking the apron strings can be difficult so we offer Post Graduate training, trips abroad and "fly with us" schemes to help you make the most of your flying.

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